Canine Weekly Launches Online Resource For Dog Owners


(Seattle, WA)—Canine Weekly recently announced the launch of their online resource for dog owners. The team of dog enthusiasts working behind the scenes at the new site are on a mission to make sure it represents the best the web has to offer when it comes to product reviews and care tips for large breeds. The new site is now live at and will be updated regularly with new tips and information that owners need to know to keep their pets healthy, happy, and strong.

“We could not be more thrilled for the launch of this website. As man’s best friend, our dogs bring a lot of joy and laughter to our lives, and it’s only right that we take great care of them. However, we know that with so many pet care tips and products out there, it can be difficult for dog owners to know where to turn for solid advice on accomplishing that goal. We created Canine Weekly to be a beacon of light in the fog of information, acting as an online hub where people can go when they have questions about how to best love and care for their canine companions,” said Taylor Richardson of Canine Weekly.

At large breed dog owners will find articles on a plethora of dog care-related topics, including breeds and health, food and nutrition, grooming and care, and training and behavior. The Canine Weekly team posts new content to the site on a routine basis and encourages readers to check back often to find new tips, strategies, and reviews.

Richardson went on to say, “We cannot think of anything we love more than our dogs, and there is no doubt that our readers feel the same way about theirs. Pets are like family, and we know that all they want is to make sure they are creating the best possible life possible for them. It is our hope that the information they find at Canine Weekly allows them to do just that.”

About Canine Weekly:

Canine Weekly was created to be the web’s best source for large breed reviews, tips, and care. With a team of devoted dog lovers, Canine Weekly is committed to covering topics related to breeds and health, food and nutrition, grooming and care, and training and behavior with the best and most accurate information that will help canine owners care for their pets and keep them healthy, happy, and strong.

Injuries That Are Common in Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most common and adventurous ways to get around the roadways in an area is by driving a motorcycle. While this can be a very fun way to commute, there are a variety of dangers that come along with driving a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are very common and can do a lot of damage. It is the job of a motorcycle owner to do all they can to avoid these accidents. Preparation can help a person steer clear of motorcycle accidents, but in some cases they are unavoidable. Below are some of the most common injuries sustained in these types of wrecks.

Traumatic Head Injuries

Traumatic head injuries are very common in motorcycle wrecks. If a person is not wearing a helmet, the injuries that they sustain will be even worse. These types of injuries can lead to long-term complications. If the wreck a person has been involved in was not their fault, they may be able to get compensation for their injuries. Consulting with a lawyer is the best way to find out what a person’s rights are and whether or not they need to file suit against the negligent party.

Road Rash

When a person falls off of a motorcycle at high speeds due to a collision, they will usually develop a cash of road rash. This injury can be very painful and will usually take a fair amount of time to recover from. If this injury is prohibiting a person from working, then they will need to seek out some legal help. With the right lawyer, a person may be able to get a settlement for their injury that can help them get through these hard times. The last thing a person wants is to wait too long to file a lawsuit due to the statute of limitations that exist.

Going in for consultations is the best way to ensure the right legal professionals are chosen in a motorcycle injury case. Before going in for these consultations, a person will need to take the time to get a list of questions worked up. This will help them cover all of the bases during these consultations.

Case Study: My Experience With Pets

All You Need To Have A Healthy, Happy and Well-trained Dog.

Dogs are very good but emotional creatures. They have a very complex brain and if trained well can become very happy. Such animals have a delicate balance of life. If you don’t give your dogs the right attention, they can live a very depressed life. Dogs can become more collaborative, live a happy life if given the right attention and training. This article will give you a clear guideline of things to be done to improve your dog’s lifestyle.

The first vital thing to do is to have more time with your puppy. Wild animals become bored when you do not socialize with them. Dogs spend most of their time searching for food and evading other animals. It is normal for animals especially dogs to find warmth from other animals. It is very boring to the dogs if they lack partners to socialize with. Home dogs have no other animals that they can socialize with and you have to give them business.

It is wise to give source of entertainment to your dog. Dog’s life is in your hands to provide a comfortable life. You should even consider playing with your dog for some time for this will make it to your friend even more. For the dog to live a happy life and have good moods, you should engage them in such activities.

Positive reinforcement to dog provide a very good opportunity to your dog. A negative enforcement to your dog is not good at all. Some dogs can look into things that happened in the past and draw some conclusions from them. You should enforce your dog in a positive manner.

The fourth point is to reward the behavior that you want. When your dog completes their tasks, you should consider giving them a natural treat. Telling your dog not to do something they are used to do will make them do it even more.

Giving your pet lots of attention is good. By giving them good attention, they love you more and more. This will increase their loyalty to you and a friendly zone is created. It is advisable for your to build a high trust with your dog. Taking your dog to the clinic for check-up is paramount. The dog may have a problem with its health which might require some treatment.

You should exercise love to your dog. It is good that you spend sufficient time with your dog for this will make them happy. This will alienate them with you and give you a very hard time. If you practice the above mentioned things, your dog will become the most healthy and happiest animal in the world.

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How Wheat, Corn And Soy In Dog Foods Can Do To Dogs

Conscious as we are when it comes to our health and body issues, we must also be that worried enough to our dogs by giving them the proper attention that they deserve to have upon making them eat the right and the best dog food that they eat and checking on its nutrients and what it gives to our dogs. It is important and vital to know the reality of how corn, wheat and soy in dog food and treats functions on the body of the dogs as well as how they put an impact on the lives of every dogs that you may have.

The first thing that dog owners would check upon buying any food for their dogs, is by checking how much protein percentage that it has, when in fact, it does not actually have any substance as to whether that certain dog food is healthy or not.

What dog owners don’t know upon choosing dog foods and how these greatly affect the lives of their dogs. Do make certain that what your dogs are eating are of proper nutrients that could not cause any harmful effects towards your dogs.

People have heard about or even searched for the effects of wheat gluten and it has been one of the top controversies that greatly affect the life of a dog, a lot of dog owners are not aware on the kind of ingredients that a certain dog food carries and most of the dog owners don’t have any idea as how this unhealthy dog food creates contamination which is even worse on the consumption of a dog. No one could ever forget the biggest issue on a dog food that contains a wheat gluten which was found in China on the year 2007 that most people kept on remembering even up to this year. There were witnesses on such act, the United States of America and Australia, took proper observation as to how these things were being contaminated, it contained heavy and deadly amount of melamine that led the livestock and pets to death. One way of causing fire is because of melamine, but this should not be consumed so as to prevent form any lethal effect. With proper investigation and study, in February 2008, the Federal Government suspected a businessman from the United States of America and two Chinese nationals were involve in this issue. They admitted that they were aware that what they are doing is unethical and that they continued selling it as their way of gaining or earning profit.

3 Animals Tips from Someone With Experience

What You Need to Learn about Dog Ownership

If you are planning to own a dog, you need to consider some important things. You will surely get a companion at home when you take good care of a dog. You would surely like to do away with strangers and the dogs are the best animals to warn them. It will be sensible for you to find a dog this time because it will defend you for sure when you need help. Dog ownership is indeed not a joke so if you want to start immediately today, you should decide to learn some tricks.

The first thing that you must consider is to bathe your dog. It is very important for you to bathe your dog knowing the fact that it makes him clean but you only need to do it at least a month. If you are planning to avail a shampoo for the dog, choose the right one. It is meaningful for you to look for a dog shampoo this time since you want the fur to be taken care well. If you use shampoo for humans, it will never be a good move. It makes a lot of sense for you simply to bathe your pet but you need someone who can take care of that stuff if you are very busy.

It is essential for you to consider good grooming for your pet. If you have bought brush to groom the coat of your pet, you have to use it when taking care of him. It is also possible for you to massage the coat of your dog so that their natural oil will blend with their hair. If there is a need to clean the bedding weekly, you should make an effort to do it. Since it is very possible for your dog to have skin irritation, you need to forgo that chances by cleaning the bedding. Dog tick medication has to be done if your pet gets some ticks.

You must not be an expert about tick medication unless you have studied about it so you should look for an expert that can give you a background about it. If you go for dog tick medication, you do not want to buy false drugs so you need to be aware of the right medicine so that you will never have issues on what you need to buy over the counter. Without tick medication, the condition of your pet will worsen and you will even never love to see the result. There are some vets that can help you this time and it is just a good idea for you to communicate with them if you are uncertain about tick medication given by some of your friends. If you really love your pet, you need to consider all the suggestions above.

The Benefits Offered by a Police Dog Training Centre

Dogs that are used for police work require unique training that allows them to become canine law enforcement officers. They are chosen for their personalities and intelligence. Each pup attends a police dog training centre from a very early age. Trainers teach handlers to work with their dogs. Most of the schools also offer classes designed to help dogs become better behaved family members.

Canine Officers Learn to Work With Handlers

Effective police dog training typically includes lessons for the trainer, too. That allows the dog to get comfortable with their trainer, which is important, since they work and live together. Learning as a team also means that trainers are able to perform critical tasks with canine officers. They are taught to work together to detect human tracking, narcotics detection and find hidden objects. Instruction prepares handlers to pass tests which prove they can handle dogs under the most rigorous conditions. For instance, a dog that is given an attack command should stop at its handler’s command. Classes also show dog owners how to continually improve their canine partners’ performance.

Schools Can Also Train Pets

A K9 obedience school uses humane methods that also work well for pets. As a result, most police dog training schools offer obedience classes to all dog owners. Their instructors can help correct behaviors like disobedience, aggressiveness and leash pulling. They show owners how to deal with overactive dogs that never seem to calm down. Teachers can also adapt instruction to low energy pets that are not active. They can even teach rowdy puppies not to chew on owners’ belongings. The goal of classes is get dogs to the point where owners can safely play, walk, exercise or travel with them. Many schools now offer canine taxis. They will pick up and deliver pets. Academies might even offer boarding services and quite a few provide board-and-train programs. Owners can often enroll dogs in classes ranging from 3-day basic training to 20-day programs.

Police dog training schools offer specialty programs that typically include the handlers who live and work with canine officers. Owners learn how to communicate with dogs and dogs learn to obey their handlers in any situation. Many of the facilities also offer a range of obedience classes that are available to pet owners.

The Path To Finding Better Animals

Take Good Care of Your Pets like a Good Owner

It is hard to think of family without a pet or two in the midst, as these creatures have become frequently considered as the most loved animals at any point forward.

Certainly, owning a pet is not like a walk in the park, for it comes with it responsibilities and duties that an owner must be prepared for and duly ready to deliver – so they can eventually enjoy that actual afternoon walk in the park. Taking care of your dogs or any furry friend – or any type of animal for that matter – is very much the same as taking care of another person in the family, requiring time, patience, attention and money from you.

Canines need to be cherished, tended to with full attention, and arguably try to do the best for them by their owners – a big obligation albeit quite a rewarding one. Pets are a great source of companionship, attention, love, playfulness and more – which are things that they would also expect to get out of you in much the same way.

Puppies depend on its owner to ensure they are solid, healthy, loved and are well dealt with – which can result in a happy dog exhibiting the proper behavior at all times. Rewarding your pet once they are on their best behavior shows that you give attention and time to them as well, much like the same devotion and loyalty that they give to you – so the next time you shop, do not forget to grab a pack of those special dog treats made in usa that your pet will surely love. You might not know it but rewards are a distinct part of dog’s life, and a very good way to demonstrate that they are quite cherished and loved.

Likewise, since dogs are primarily one of the smartest pets made available to man, it is important that their owner is also duly prepared for their needs too.

A puppy needs be physically and mentally active, as well as be enticed and encouraged to be alert and fun and playful the whole day long. One effective way to doing this is by taking your pooch on an afternoon stroll in the street or at the park to ensure that they stay active and have their regular dose of exercise. Besides, it is a known fact that dogs love to play fetch, catch, tag and race so there are basically plenty of fun games that you can do with them at any time of the day.

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Dog Training Tips and How to Find Healthy Dog Snacks

This article can be very helpful to anyone who just bought a new pet dog and would like to learn some fun and awesome dog training tips. In order for you to train your dog properly, it is very important that you know where to start. The first thing that you need to do in order for you to successfully train your dog is to do an online research. The advantage if doing an online research before training your dog is that you will have an idea where to start and at the same time gain knowledge what kind of treats or reward you are going to give you lovely pet dog. It is a brilliant idea to read blogs or online articles that provide tips and tricks on how to train you lovely pet dog properly and how to choose the best healthy dog snacks out there.

It is also beneficial if you ask for tips and advice from people you know who have successfully trained their dogs before. It is necessary that you hire the most reputable dog trainer out there if you take that you do not have the time to train your dog properly. Finding dog trainers today can be very easy, thanks to the Internet. Be careful in choosing a dog trainer since not all of them can provide you top quality service. When training your pet do all by yourself, it is necessary that you find the best healthy dog snacks out there.

Indeed, before you start training your dog, you need to make sure that you consider some few things first. It is very important that you and your dog are enjoying the training and that you don’t look at it as a daunting task. Be sure that both of you are having fun and make it energetic as much as possible. It is very important to take note that scolding, punishing, and talking to your dog in a cruel or harsh manner does not work.

The best way for you to train your dog is to reinforce rewards and praise. If it is your goal to train your dog properly, then you need to make sure that you give the best healthy dog snacks out there. The purpose of these healthy dog snacks is to reward good behavior. The truth is, all dogs are in love with healthy dog snacks. Make sure that you choose healthy dog snacks that don’t endanger the health of your pet dog. Indeed, there are many benefits which your dog will surely enjoy if you give him or her the best healthy dog snacks.

Hire The Legal Experience You Need For A OWI, DUI Or DWI Charge

Effective legal representation is what someone needs when they’ve been arrested for an OWI, DUI or DWI charge. Seeing the police lights in the rearview mirror is frightening enough, but combining that with the thought of losing driving privileges or being in jail is even worse. It doesn’t matter which of these three charges someone is arrested for, they are all interchangeable and the penalty is still the same even if someone is not over the limit. Many drivers fail to contact an attorney because they assume the case won’t go to trial and they will just plea bargain their case. This is the single worst mistake someone can make.

Some drivers think one DUI isn’t any big deal. The truth is, if they’re pulled over for a second one, they could be facing serious jail time, stiffer penalties and the loss of their driver’s license. In order for the police to pull someone over for a DUI, they must have reasonable suspicion. Pulling someone over because they just pulled out of a bar or because it’s closing time at a local bar is not a reason. A criminal defense attorney will aggressively fight to have someone’s charges reduced or dropped with the prosecuting attorney. If the case cannot be settled, the attorney will be ready to take the case to trial in front of a judge or jury.

The attorney will put for the testing method used and whether it was properly performed. The officers will have to prove what their justification was for pulling over a defendant. There will be a determination of the driver was under the influence of any other medication or substances, legal or illegal. The validity of the tests the police put the driver through and the actual level of alcohol record are key parts of building a defense against these types of charges.

With the help of a criminal attorney working on your side, you can feel confident they will do everything possible to reduce the chance of your driving privileges being suspended and your rights will be fully protected. For more information about outstanding criminal defense for an OUI, DWI, or DUI, please visit

The Path To Finding Better Cats

Pointers for Selecting Your First Family Pet

Should you have kids, then it’s going to come a point in their lives when they desire a pet. As parent you know better, even though the kids could be watching television shows that reveal a pet as the new best thing. You understand that owning a pet is much more than thinking about how it looks or cuddling it all the time. It’s essential not to just give in to your kid’s demands to get a pet without considering the best pet suited for your entire family. You could begin by visiting with some local pet stores to have a look at the alternatives they have. The odds are that if you took your child along, they might provide you with a selection predicament with their continuous begging to get a pup, kitten or any creature they see and love.

Many kids want the regular pets like cats or dogs to begin with, but that might not necessarily be the best choice. If you get a kitten or puppy, your family may struggle to adjust to the new pet as it goes through its growth phases. They chew bite and tear up your clothing, shoes or other things property which may not only be a hassle but a nightmare also. They may cause a lot of damage in your house which may make you want to get rid of them.

As it pertains to picking the pet for your house; you need to contemplate how big the pet you’ll have and what kind of attention they require to ensure that the pet remains healthy and grows well. Nothing is worse than seeing a pup suffer because its owners did not think through the expense of time and cash failed related to being a caring and responsible pet owner. When pets are owned by people, and they can’t handle them they often feel guilty to take them to animal shelters. Worse still is for those who own pets and think that no one else can take care or show love to their pet when they are not ready to offer the attention which their pets require when looked at from an external perspective.

You can avoid some mistakes that others have made before and ensure that any potential pet goes to somebody who can take good care of these well and provide a safe and nurturing environment. Be open to look at the different alternatives that will not bog either you or your children down.

You may want to buy animals that are smaller as a start for the kids. You can choose pets like fish, guinea pigs, rabbits along with other small critters as your first family pets to get your kids get used to the work associated with keeping a pet.